Badan Dharma Dana Nasional

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About Badan Dharma Dana Nasional

One important provision that was born in Mahasabha IX Parisada 2006 was Decree Number: IV / TAP / M. Dharma Sabha lX/2006 of the National Fund. In konsiderannya, explained that in order to support community development activities and programs to improve the quality sradha and bhakti Hindus in Indonesia, it is necessary to realize the National Fund of Dharma among Hindus Indonesia. Further confirmed that the activities of providing funds to the teachings of Hinduism which is compulsory as a form of bhakti Hindus in practicing the teachings of His religion.

Furthermore, the Mahasabha IX in 2006 commissioned Parisada Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia to establish Dharma Body of the National Fund (BDDN). Then the decision is chosen as a priority work program Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia in order to be realized sustainability funding system in order to run the organization and coaching programs Hindus.

Dharma Body of the National Fund (BDDN) subsequently given the authority to formulate strategies, technical and operational mechanisms of the collection, storage and management so as to provide maximum benefit to the interests of the people.

In the end it can be concluded that, the success of the program Dharma These funds will be largely determined by the consciousness of the people in carrying out dharma and success Parisada and BDDN build a high level of confidence (trust) among the people.


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